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[Sponsor Association Water Tower Lüneburg]

Bei der Ratsmühle 19
D - 21335 Lüneburg
telephone: 04131 / 789 59 19
fax: 04131 / 789 59 29

Sponsored by:

  • Foundation of Lower Saxony
  • Lower Saxony Savings Bank Association
  • German Federal Environmental Association
  • Chamber of Religious Community
  • European Social Funding Foundation 1998 - 2000
  • Federal Institution for Employment / Employment Agency, Lüneburg

Overall View
From the observation platform of the Water Tower, one has a panoramic view of Lüneburg and its environs. From a lofty height of ca. 60 meters, one can enjoy a spectacular landscape of Lüneburgs scenic roof tops and the many other wonderful sights worthy of further investigation.

The first floor, level 2, is reserved for cultural events. On every "Full Moon Night" we offer an ever-changing, wide-ranging programme. This programme is continuously kept up-to-date.

Weddings and Receptions
The Registry Office, Lüneburg, conducts the ceremony of marriage every Friday in the Water Tower. This is an exceptionally beautiful venue for such an occasion. This very attractive 10 meter high-room can also be reserved for private or business gatherings.

We hold exhibitions and exhibitions of a "special nature"on a regular basis. We offer our Water Tower visitor a varied programme ranging from the fields of Art to the fields of Science. These varied exhibitions offer our visitors the opportunity to observe "Art" and "Science"from every conceivable corner.

To a large extent, the renovation of the Water Tower was completed by the 24 long-term unemployed. Funding was communal and sponsorship came in the form of EU-Social Welfare Funding. Over and above this, 13 long-term employment positions were created for the areas of caretaking, retail, cash-desk, maintenance and supervision.

Environmental Education
On level 6 we have the "Water Workshop". The purpose of having this workshop is to encourage awareness in the broader public regarding the preciousness of our "water resources". The means and ways of accomplishing this are, the use of Water-Grading-Index-Cards, On-hand experience of Water Stations, regular Research and Experiments of Water in general. All this is carried out by the pupils of the Secondary-Modern School, City Centre, Lüneburg. Target groups are, the pupils from local and regional schools as well as the broader public and guests from outside Lüneburg.

The undisguised purpose of the Water Tower is, to make its facilities a lively place of learning for the youth. Accordingly, the pupils from the Secondary-Modern School are involved, quite intensivly, in the Water Tower. From the 7th Class onwards the pupils learn the technical terminology pertaining to the history of the Water Tower and the techniques thereof. Some pupils guide the visitors around the Water Tower and other pupils contribute to cultural events. Moreover, the pupils build a network with other local schools to research local and regional waters. The results of their research are then shown on the 6th floor of the Water Tower.

The renovation and the preservation of the Water Tower was entirely financed by private donation. Donations came from the Water Tower Foundation, the symbolic purchase of steps, windows and doors of the Water Tower as well as financial donations from local business people and private persons. All donations are tax-deductable. The running costs of the Water Tower are covered by the admission fees. Additional help comes in the form of honorary membership and the professional support of the University of Applied Sciences, Lüneburg.

Broader Vision

The foundation of our work lies within the aims of Agenda-21. The leitmotif of our transactions are, the manner in which we deal with the exhaustive resources of our EARTH as well as the future development of a tolerable economic and social structure. Hitherto, the thematic of water and prudent use thereof, expounds ist ecological concept.

In Retrospect

1906/1907: Architect and Master Town Planner, Franz Krüger, built the Water Tower from the remnants of the town-walls from Medieval Times. The Water Tower accommodated a complete water-works. The Neo-Gothic veneer of the Water Tower was adapted from Lüneburg's brick-gothic.

In 1985 the Water Tower was shut down and the old technique scrapped. Just one of the elevated 500.000 liter water tanks remained. Plans to demolish the Water Tower fall short through lack of funding. Shortly thereafter, the Water Tower is declared an "Historical Monument". It remained unoccupied and fell into disrepair.

Inspired by the motto of EXPO 2000, "Man-Nature-Technique" and the associated Project "Which School Requires a Future"? The Secondary-Modern School, City Centre, came up with the idea for the Project "Water Tower"in Feburary 1997.

In May 1998 the Sponsorship Water Tower Lüneburg was founded by the members of the Secondary-Modern School in Lüneburg's City Centre. Their subsequent efforts and those of other member, to acquire the Water Tower were reinforced by specialists in this particular field of expertise. Eventually, the Association acquire the Water Tower. Work began immediately with the restoration.

June 2000: The Water Tower is made accessible to the public amid great celebration

Guided Tours

At fixed times and on request, pupils from the Secondary-Modern School illustrate, from the platform, the historical significance of Lüneburg and its water supply, from the beginning up 'till the present day. Subsequently, the pupils take the visitors through the Water Tank and the Water Tower, once again illustrating the water technique. Be prepared to be pleasantly suprised.

Opening Hours

from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Position as of August 2010